My Grandmother and Her Cool Career

My Grandmother is one special woman. She’s the only grandmother that I know that is a good welder and is an artist with wrought iron. I like to help her cut steel and lay it out on the table. She has me help paint the railings after they are put together. Most of the time I like to watch her work with the steel, creative or matching railing designs. Often, I go with my grandma and grandpa to install the railings at the customer’s house.  My grandpa and grandma live on a farm and own a shop in Cambria, Wisconsin. They stopped farming between five and six years ago. Going out and helping them on the weekend at their shop is one of my favorite things to do. They also sell corn stoves that people can put in their houses. The corn stoves sell well because of the price of gas going up and the price of corn going down and many people can grow their own corn.

The first thing she does when she makes a railing is to cut the steel for the railings. Then she bends or twists the steel to match the design. Next, she puts the cut steel on the table to be welded together. She makes sure there are no sharp edges that people can get cut on. Following that, she takes it off the table to be painted. Then we take it to the house and make sure it fits. Holes are drilled for some anchors to bolt down the railing. After the railing is in place, they are bolted to the anchors. Then they hit the anchors with a hammer to make sure the nuts stay on and don’t come off, making them difficult to steel. Then she paints the anchors and the job is done.

Grandma has a lot of fun making railings and gets to create new designs that have never been seen or done before. She gets to design railings that people like. She has met so many people because of her talent it is hard for her to go somewhere and not see someone she knows.

Article by  J. Wuerch (age 13)